1. What was your first job in hospitality?

Worked at a local chicken shop, I deep fried pineapple fritters and chips. I got fired because when changing the oil I left the tap on at the bottom of the fryer and oil covered the ground.  They told me I would never amount to anything in the hospitality industry.   

2. What is your favourite cuisine to eat - preferably the opposite to what you work in?

Indian, Arabic, Vietnamese.

3. Which dish do you most associate with childhood?

My Mums home made Slovak sausages and roasted potatoes.

4. What’s the soundtrack to your first love?

The Editors - In this Light and On this Evening

5. What do you crave after a long shift?

 A toastie, an episode of “House of cards”, then sleep.

6. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – what do you have? 

Porridge and banana.

7. What is your favourite word?

Claire (my wonderful wife)

8. If you could go on a culinary extravaganza-eating holiday – where would you choose to do so?

Italy and Spain

9. All at the same time or coursed out?

Coursed out. I guess when I think about it, I would want to savor every experience to retain the memory.

10. What is the one area of working in a restaurant you wish you knew more of?


11. What is the best cure for a hangover?

A big dirty sausage roll. 

12. You’re allowed one shift drink – what is it?

Pinot Noir.

13. What is the one thing which guests do that drives you mad?

When they go to the toilet when you’re about to serve their food.  

14. Do you have any rituals during a shift?


15. What’s the last film you saw?


16. Best thing that has ever happened to you in a restaurant? 

Meeting Ferran Adria whilst at Tickets in Barcelona. When we met him we couldn't believe our luck, he was casually having a drink by himself, then we attacked and got a photo together.

17. What’s your tagline/motto?

'That's how we roll'

18. Photography while eating – yay or nay?

Definite NAY!

19. Rank the following in order of priority: wine, food, sex

Food, wine, sex - that's the order I get it in. 

20. What would be your last meal – drinks included.

Schnitzel sandwich, cucumber and sour cream salad, bottle of Meursault.

21. What makes you happy?

My wife, family and friends.

22. How do you relax?

These days, a large glass of wine and a little TV.

23. What is the background on your phone?

A photo of my wife and I at Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir

24. Favourite Instagram accounts to follow 

Don't have one.

25. What is the best thing about working in hospitality? 

Ability to be creative.

26. Which restaurant are you ashamed to NOT have eaten at?

Not so ashamed, just really, really wanted to go to Eleven Madison Park, but they were fully booked.

27. Who is the person you most respect in the industry?

David Thompson – he brought Thai food to a new level and he is a fellow Aussie.

28. What is your go to party trick?

Don't have one...I know, boring. 

29. Finish this sentence: I eat everything except ...