86: Slang for getting rid of something, ejecting someone, or refusing service. 

Here at Eighty Six List we want to talk about hospitable things hospitality people talk about.  It's not just pretty Instagram photos and the latest openings, it's articles written by your compatriots who have something to say.  It's playlists recommended for when you've finished a 17 hour day but you're on an adrenaline high from smashing through so many covers.  It's organised trips with a bunch of other restaurant folk so you can rant about the same stuff and maybe even share a few tips of the trade.  It's also interviews with your peers tinged with just the right amount of colloquialism and looseness but an underlying sense that every one is deadly serious and really knows their shit.   

We know the most important part of working in hospitality is the network and community, which is why we want to bring it all together and help each other out, highlight hidden talents and have a bit of fun. 

Guest. Allergy. Side work. Clear. Fire. Lighting. Event. Menus. Basement Flood. Schedule request. Accident report. Health inspector. Coffee. Wine pairing. Tasting menu. Sommelier. Review. Blogger. Uniform. Apron. Bus. Clean. Specials. Bear to tail. Gastronomy. Michelin. Rosette. Up. Corner. Candles. Backs. Behind. Shift. Twitter. Instagram. Foodie. Mixologist. Vegetarian. Vegan. Shift drink. Training. Toilet check. Music. Reset. Runner. Section. Side station. KP. Server. Sous chef. PDR. Buy out. Bartender. Barback. Farm to table. Seasonal. Signature dish. Craft beer. Street food. Cocktail. 86'd


Here's to surviving another service. 

Eighty Six List

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